Welcome to The World of Colourful Glasses!

 We understand that colour is very important for your glasses, and we are very proud to be working with House Of Colour.

If you have not had your ‘colours done’, we would strongly urge you to!

It will transform your life. All our staff at VIP Eye Wear have had colour analysis and really understand how important colour is.

It’s one of the reasons that we are so good at recommending the perfect pair of glasses for you, in colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour.

Finding glasses that are colourful can be a problem! Now you have the unique opportunity to have expert help in finding your glasses in the correct colour and shape. Problem solved!


For Ladies and Men that love colour – our Italian collection is perfect. Interchangeable sides mean you can change the look in seconds!

Prices from just £230 to include single vision lenses.

Make a FREE appointment today with us on 01527757343 or contact your House of Colour consultant for a personal one to one consultation.