You know we like to makes things bespoke… We like to make each customer feel special, and have every client walk away with something that feels unique to them. And Feb31st, are offering us exactly that.

Step one, is to come in and pick out your favourite pair of frames. Not sure which work on you? Book a style consultation with Julie or Lisa, and they will find the right pair for you!

Step two, choose your favourite colours! Your specs are going to be carved just for you, so be picky and let us know what colours you want. We’ve got a huge spectrum to choose from – so you can go neutral, bright or mix them up!

Step three, let’s get your glasses made. They’ll be handcrafted in Italy by the Feb31st Artisan team, before they’re shipped back to our store, ready to be glazed.

Wood glasses can work on anyone as there are so many different shapes and colours available. You don’t have to go for the bright colours or super exotic pattern of zebra wood, unless that’s your personal style. You can choose your neutral colour and add a layer of colour in the middle or at the back. Both of these looks can be stunning.

If you like more rustic or understated, then wooden eyewear frames are a great choice with the subtler grain patterns and toned down, natural wood colours.
Super sturdy and eco-friendly, is to let your true personality stand out.

Classic Colour Ways from Feb31st