We hold regular fun social events at our shop and local venues.

If you would like to be kept in touch please call us on 01527757343 or email julie@vipeyewear.co.uk

From Open Days at VIP, Colour therapy evenings, Psychic Supers, Comedy Evenings, Christmas Shopping Weekends and more!


Did you see Amazing Spaces on TV a few weeks ago?

Well, we have hired one of the project  one of the projects that was created on the show.

The show filmed them transforming an old burger bar into a gin and prosecco bar.

The No. 56 Gin Bar (what else?!) 

We will be officially launching our new Wooden Range of glasses called *Feb 31st (any excuse!)

*Everyone said that glasses could never be made out of wood.
Well the Italians proved everyone wrong – which is why they have called the brand Feb 31st . Layers of thin balsa wood in every colour combination. We are SO excited to show them off!

GET ON THE INVITATION by emailing julie@vipeyewear.co.uk

Our Annual Fashion Show is the most popular event and is always a fun night. Its great to keep in touch with our customers and have a night out with them. LOOK OUT FOR OUR NEXT ONE THIS YEAR – JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO BE NOTIFIED.

We raise money every year for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, to say thank you for our grandson, Charlie………

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Thank you to everyone that continues to support our events. A BIG thank you from Julie. Julie owes her grandson’s life to the hospital. Nikki’s son had a 6 hour life saving operation when he was born. Charlie is now 6 years old now and continues to be a regular in and out of the hospital, but he’s doing well. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up :)