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Feb31st Wood Glasses 

"Unique, Beautifully styled & lightweight. Very special eyewear." 
You know we like to make things bespoke….... 
We like to make each customer feel special, and have every client walk away with something that feels unique to them.  
And Feb31st, are offering us exactly that. 

Step 1 

Choose your favourite pair of frames. 
Come in and pick out your favourite shape of frame. Not sure which work on you? Book a style consultation with Julie or Lisa, and they will find the right shape for you!  
Don't forget to bring your prescription. 

Step 2 

Choose your favourite colours. 
Your specs are going to be carved just for you, 
Let us know what colours you want. We’ve got a huge spectrum to choose from, so you can go neutral, bright or mix them up! You can add your name, a phrase or your logo to the sides too. 

Step 3 

Get your glasses made! 
Your glasses will be handcrafted in Italy by the Feb31st Artisan team, before they’re shipped back to our store, ready to be glazed.  
They make amazing sunglasses too! 

iGreen Italian Custom Designer Frames 

There are endless possibilities to express your creativity with iGreen glasses. 
Imagine wearing a frame created and designed by you!  
Available in different eye-sizes for every custom shape.  
You can even have nose pads added if you need them. 
We understand that colour is very important for your glasses, and we are very proud to be working with House Of Colour. It’s one of the reasons that we are so good at recommending the perfect pair of glasses for you, in colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour. 

Step 1 

Choose Your Shape. 
Not sure what works on you? Book a style consultantion with Julie or Lisa, and they will find the perfect pair for you. The shape is really important. Be guided by the girls.  
They really know their stuff!  

Step 2 

Choose your perfect colour.  
There are literally hundreds to choose from. We narrow it down to your BEST colours. We have ALL sample shades in store. Getting the perfect shade is the difference between looking really well and glowing or not!  

Step 3 

Choose Your Sides.  
The sides of iGreen glasses are interchangable. Buy one pair of glasses and several pairs of sides to change your look in seconds. 
Choose a colour to harmonise or be bold and clash it! We will advise on your best colours. 
We will advise you on your perfect shape and colour combinations. The sides are completley interchangable . A different look in seconds. 

Be Creative - Have a Play and Design your glasses with the iGreen Configurator 

Interchangeable sides too! Be Creative - Change your side colours - its simple see how 


Outspoken, as the name suggests, is a bold, colourful, loud and very unique range of eyewear. The range is the brain child of an Australian designer, Jaimee Kearns. She has been a fashion designer since 2003. 
Outspoken eyewear is made from the finest acetates. The bold colours and unique design patterns will make you stand out from the crowd and become an individual. Apart from making a statement the eyewear is extremely comfortable and built to be extremely resilient to everyday wear and tear, associated with wearing glasses. 

William Morris Designer Glasses 

"A very ‘British’ brand of designer glasses" 
In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand.  
The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.  
The shape of the frames are all very wearable. From Classic to Ulta Fashionable. 

Tracey James: 

Fantastic place and excellent service. The lovely ladies helped me to choose glasses that actually suited me. Turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong shaped glasses all this time. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend and can’t wait for my new glasses. 

May Roberts: 

Excellent service. The staff go out of their way to help, with all aspects relating to specs. Communication excellent. Great price. Great advice was given on which frames suited me, and there are many to chose from. Will recommend to anyone who needs to wear specs. 


Alberto Da Rin: "I am proud to present to you my life’s work; The Murano Eyewear Collection” 
Born and raised in Italy, Alberto has created a collection of luxury elegant frames made with Swarovski Crystals. 
Through all his hard work, commitment to customers and core values, Murano now have a highly trained team of people dedicated to upholding what Murano now stands for; personal service and high quality. 
It is a pleasure to deal with Murano. They are truly one of the most highly respected Italian collections across all the country. 
You can’t beat a bit of sparkle can you? We love a bit of bling at VIP! 

Prue By Ronit First Collection 

Prue Leigh “I really believe that beautiful colourful glasses are a morale booster. I feel distinctly more confident wearing mine. I have built up quite a collection of Ronit Furst over the years, so the collaboration happened very naturally. 
I have, I confess, a good few pairs and I pick one each morning, like choosing a necklace or shoes.” 
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