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Why Have a Zoom Glasses Styling Session?  If you live too far from our shop then book our  Zoom Style Session.  A unique service, making glasses shopping easy. We offer expert help! We really understand colour!  Get something different, and with our help, glasses you love wearing.   

Step 1 

Book Your First Zoom 
As soon as you have paid for your Zoom Styling you can then book your first Zoom. The cost is just £34.95 to include 2 x zooms and postage. Your first zoom will be a chat with Julie to get to know you and your personalty and colours. She will ask to see you in your current glasses. 

Step 2 

Your Glasses Box Will Be Posted 
We select a choice of shapes and colours and send your selection box. Our iGreen Italian range of glasses is bespoke so you can have any shape in any colour.  
Getting the perfect shade is the difference between looking really well and glowing or not!  

Step 3 

Second Zoom - 'Try On' 
You will try on with Julie and go through the styles. She will tell you your wow colours and best shapes. She will discuss lenses and you will decide which glasses to order. 
You then retun the box with a pair of your own glasses for us to get measurements from. 
We put your prescription in and post your new glasses to you within 4-8 weeks depending on the brand. 

Meet The Bosses…   Lisa and Julie, with over 30 years experience.   We welcome you to VIP.  You will always find a smile, helpful and honest advice. If we don't think something suits you we tell you!  

Meet The Bosses…   Lisa and Julie, with over 30 years experience.  We welcome you to VIP. You will always find a smile,  helpful and honest advice. If we don't think something  suits you we tell you! 


Linda Green: 

They make buying specs enjoyable. Fabulous service, great range of specs, they’ve even found me some I can’t break.! Can’t recommend them enough, you get fantastic products without being ripped off. 

Tracey James: 

Fantastic place and excellent service. Lovely ladies helped me to choose glasses that actually suited me. Turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong shape glasses all this time. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend. 

The VIP Gallery 

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